The Top Healthy Foods for Diabetes Type 2


Wondering what the healthy foods for diabetics type 2 are? Don’t worry, we can help you out.

The Top Healthy Foods You Need to Take

– The Right Milk

Cow’s milk can be replaced by raw goat’s milk which ensures the intake of the required amount of calcium. Nutrients such as Omega 3 and zinc should be included for their anti-inflammatory properties. Raw vegetables and fruits add Vitamins A and C and Calcium to the diet.

· Veggies and Hummus – Being rich in proteins and known to balance blood sugar, chickpeas are a great meal which helps you lose weight and keep you healthy. It boosts energy due to the presence of iron in it. It is one of the healthy foods that you need to have whether it is lunch or dinner.

Eat veggies like red and green bell peppers and carrots with it as they are high in Vitamin C.

· Eggs – full of protein, eggs are the best thing you can have to lose weight. The protein present in eggs stimulates the release of a hormone named glucagon which helps fat to burn quickly and reduces belly fat too. Eggs are also a great source of Vitamin E too!

· Salsa – If you do not pair a bowl of salsa with fried and greasy tortilla chips, they are low in calories and fill your stomach while allowing you to lose weight. Top the salsa with lettuce and olives for added benefits as these foods are extremely healthy too.

· Almond butter and raw almonds – Packed with protein, almonds are also rich in Vitamin E and help counter free-radical damage while helping you lose weight rapidly. Added benefits of almonds are that it is rich in Vitamin B2 and magnesium too. Almonds are known to boost energy levels immensely.

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